Fusion IT Systems

Fusion is a company that provides a complete service to businesses.

​Business understands how important IT is to their success and productivity. What we do at Fusion is take the hassle out of looking after a companies IT, so that the company can concentrate on their business. We offer a service to companies that is bespoke to their company.

Pro Active Maintenance

Why wait till something breaks and you lose days of works when you can have your system constantly monitored and looked after. Catch those problems before they even happen. With a support contract from Fusion you can trust that you can be happy in the knowledge your system is safe. That you can pick up the phone any item and ask for help. Everything you need for a one off cost per month.


Everyone is aware of the problems that virus/spyware infections can cause, from annoying pop-ups on your desktop to more serious attacks that can cause your whole system to go down. Therefore it is vitally important that you are abreast of the latest developments and have the software and hardware in place to prevent these outbreaks occurring.

Project Work

We understand that IT support is not just about fixing problems. That’s why, when undertaking a new project, we set about working with the client to analyse their systems and make recommendations where appropriate.Regular views of your systems not only help us to make recommendations, but also keep you informed of the status of your equipment to aid financial budgeting and planning.Whenever we undertake a project for a client we put a project plan in place to ensure that all work is carried out as efficiently as possible and also to minimise your disruption.

Cloud Computing/Office 365

The benefits of cloud computing:

Adaptable IT - only pay for what you need now

Flexible – you can easily increase/decrease server power and capacity Quick to deploy – get the extra disk space you need in minutes not days

Go-anywhere IT – it’s always there, wherever you are

Hassle-free IT support – someone else manages the servers, the security and the upgrades

Fixed Cost Support

With Fixed-cost IT support Fusion takes the responsibility and the risk for the smooth running of your IT system. You pay a guaranteed fixed cost per computer. In return we provide you with the greatest levels of reliability and the best IT support. The result: Increased reliability of your IT services Predictable costs so you can budget effectively The reassurance of knowing your IT is in safe hands All-inclusive IT support All on-site and remote support is included in this package, including unlimited service desk support. We use remote control software to quickly take control of any internet-connected computer, allowing us to fix problems more quickly and reduce down-time. Summary Fixed-cost IT support includes: All on-site support and network administration, including travel costs to your main office