About Us

Fusion’s IT Systems services includes the monitoring and management of your IT infrastructure to improve the security, availability, reliability and performance of your applications, devices and networks.

We manage, monitor, support and secure your network, so you can focus on your core business. We help with strategy and budget planning, along with IT consultancy and projects. We ensure you always achieve the best possible results from your technology

  • No hidden labor costs
  • Expense reduction
  • Operating efficiencies
  • Live remote support
  • Focus on your business

Small Business

Small and start-up businesses have a specific set of challenges when it comes to IT and communication systems.
Cost is always a top consideration. You don’t have the benefit of internal economies of scale and flexibility from a service provider is really crucial. Without an internal IT function, having access to trust worthy, good quality advice is invaluable. You need someone with a broad range of technical competency who knows your business and is always available.

Many of our customers fit into this size bracket and we have vast experience in delivering this type of service. We know how to take the hassle out of IT, keeping things simple, cost effective and scalable.

Given the breadth of our offering across IT support, hosting and internet connectivity, you get everything you need from one local supplier. This means less time wasted managing suppliers and the seamless delivery of a complete, joined up service.

Everything you need comes at a fixed monthly price so you know what your ongoing costs are. System and software upgrades are included, eliminating much of your expenditure.

Our services for small business allow you to focus on your job without worrying about the costly and frustrating distraction that IT can become.

Fusion IT Systems can take care of all your business’ IT needs. Computers, printers, networking, cloud services and more, all tailored to your specific requirements and proactively monitored to catch any issues before they spread. Fusion IT Systems managed services let you spend less time worrying about IT and more time doing what you do best: Running your business.

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